"A roaring, supernatural adventure that spans New York, and the globe!"

Meet Leo Lomax. He's not like you. In fact, he's not like anyone else in the world. That's because Leo is a SOUND BENDER. When he touches an object, he can hear its past. His eerie and amazing power draws Leo into adventures full of fright and excitement and danger. Follow his escapades and enter his world in the two SOUND BENDER books, written just for readers like you.

It all begins after Leo's parents' plane goes down over the ocean. He and his brother Hollis are forced into the custody of their rich and shady uncle Crane, a dealer of rare and smuggled antiques. Almost as soon as he's settled--or as close to settled as he can get in the bleak Brooklyn warehouse surrounded by his uncle's creepy staff--Leo receives a mysterious package his father put together long ago, to be opened on his 13th birthday. With the package, Leo discovers his amazing power to sound bend. Before long, the power overtakes him, and leads him to a strange helmet buried among his uncle's artifacts. When he touches it, Leo hears a pained cry and the swirling of deep ocean waters. Leo has no choice but to follow the haunting sounds, pursue the mystery and unravel its origin.

A dangerous mission? For sure.

Is Leo up to accomplish it? Read the books and find out!

A dangerous mission? For sure.

Is Leo up to accomplish it? Read the books and find out!



Lin Oliver is the author of over 25 funny books for kids. Well, she thinks they're funny, anyway. Seventeen of those titles are in the HANK ZIPZER: WORLD'S BEST UNDER-ACHIEVER series which she writes with Henry Winkler, about a smart boy who happens to have learning challenges. Another four are part of the WHO SHRUNK DANIEL FUNK? series about a boy who shrinks to the size of the fourth toe on his left foot only to find that he has an identical twin mini brother.

Her latest book is SOUND BENDER, a novel she has co-authored with her son, Theo Baker. Another SOUND BENDER book is coming out next year, which continues the adventures of Leo Lomax, a normal kid who develops a para-normal power. He can hear the past!

Lin is also the co-founder and Executive Director of the SCBWI, a totally impossible-to-pronounce acronym for the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, an international organization of 25,000 people who write, illustrator and produce children's books.

When she's not writing books, which is almost never, she loves to ride her bike near her house at the beach, play with her dog Dexter, cook up big pots of potato-leek soup, make grilled cheese sandwiches and eat popcorn in movies. She does not like to tidy up, drink iced tea or suffer computer problems.

She is the mother of three stupendous sons named Theo, Oliver and Cole. Well, she thinks they're stupendous, anyway. Oh, and their last name is Baker, so no, Oliver is not named Oliver Oliver. She would never do that to her own son!

Lin lives in Los Angeles in a big messy house with a small messy dog named Dexter and her husband, Alan Baker, who is also messy.

You can visit her at her website linoliver.com. Dexter is there also.

Theo Baker was born in Los Angeles, where as a kid he used to make weird noises into tape recorders. Wizened in Santa Barbara and later toughened by New York, Theo has worked as a record producer, a music journalist, a sound designer, and a court reporter, amongst other odd jobs. He now lives once again in Los Angeles and continues to make weird noises into tape recorders, when he's not busy writing about weird noises.